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Hello and welcome to Vary. I'm Andrew Tibbetts. I've been designing and coding for 15+ years. I focus on strategizing your content and your brand to create professional, effective websites.

What makes Vary different? Unlike other web design and development shops, I spend a great deal of time ( before any creative or coding starts ) forming, together with you, a comprehensive understanding of what you do, how you do it and who you’re doing it for. This gives the project a clear direction for design and development. I try not to assume anything. Assumptions invariably lead to higher budgets and longer build times.

My process is both linear and varied. It always starts with discovery and research and then goes into design and development and ends ( well, really, a site never “ends” ) with launch and maintenance. More strategy is required in the beginning—figuring out content hierarchies, brand alignment, tone, etc.—but throughout the entire project I keep my mind on the project as a whole, with all it’s ins-and-outs, to make sure every piece is integrated efficiently and professionally.

If you have a small one-off project, I would be glad to see it through. If you are only looking for a brand-focused web design to handoff to a development team, I can do that. If you want a seasoned web developer to build a preexisting web design, I can do that. If you already have a solid website and need someone to take the reins, I’m here for you. If you want a custom hand-crafted website or webapp from concept to launch, we will work together to make sure every i is dotted, every t is crossed and every pixel is perfect.

Websites are complex things that require various integrated services. I can provide many services that can be requested as part of or separate from a project. They include photography, video editing, music production, logo design, brand research and strategy, illustration, and more. Need one of these? Something else? Lets talk!

This is me looking to the future