Oh boy, where to begin. Dave Salanitro and I have known each other for years. While I was working at Multiple, he needed a personal website to showcase his varied work and I was assigned the project. It was my first time working with a client that was also the designer and I learned quite a bit from him. Dave has a keen sense for clean, elegant composition that I really enjoy and strive to incorporate into my own work and sensibilities.

Dave is a writer, designer, maker, publisher, artist, etc. so there are more than the usual number of groupings of content. It would usually require me to run through a content strategy session but he came up with a unique and effective navigation system and a cohesive structure. And being a veteran of print design, Dave brought a measured ( sometimes very literally ) approach to the typography and layout. The user is allowed to discover the different sections and content types while remaining grounded in it’s uniform style.

Now as a disclaimer, the current incarnation of the site was built just before the responsive craze, so it’s not so user-friendly on small screens but luckily he, being the great patron that he is, has asked me to work with him again to give davidsalanitro.com a new life. I hope to have an update for this entry soon.