I find that I cannot concentrate very well on work when there is no sound / music to fill my ears. But I also can’t listen to music that has a lot of singing or words to creep in on my attention. These circumstances led me to a very special place that I call home for many hours every work day, the Indie Discotheque—a social music collective currently finding it’s home on Dubtrack.com—where a core group of indie dance and nu disco fans meet daily to chat and play music that I find is great to work to.

A good segment of the ID community are my sisters and brothers in code so naturally there’s a healthy environment of collaboration and contribution. I decided to contribute to the community the best I could, by redesigning and developing a new WordPress theme for the ID website, indiediscotheque.com. The old site was a bit complicated and busy with bunches of seemingly disparate content packed into the page. So, I took the content and the input of the community founders and distilled it down to it’s essential elements.

This site pulls from a few external sources: the music player is a SHOUTcast stream, the grid of recently played songs plus the archive of top charts are from the Last.fm API and album art images are grabbed from the iTunes album search API. The ID brand is a bit disjointed and one-off-y due to the open-source nature of the community but I hope this is a start to further brand alignment.