swell gallery is run by my lovely wife, Kim. She is an abstract painter, a curator and a pillar in the local arts community. This was a demanding but fun project. I’m sure you can imagine the inherent difficulties in having your spouse as a client, and even though ( and maybe because ) we did have the arguments and head-butting at times, the end result was clean and cohesive.

Kim started the gallery in 2009 and at that point I helped her and co-founder, Nikki Hollander, come up with a name and logo. We all brainstormed and iterated until I proposed ‘swell’ which was roundly accepted. Nikki worked up a wordmark in the ‘Bewitched’ font and I took it, cleaned it up, and gave it that swell feel.

The first website was simply a boxed WordPress theme I set up for swell to quickly get a blog to post about upcoming shows and related area art news. But as the gallery gained popularity I took on the task of developing a site with integrated artist profiles managed by the artists themselves, an events feed with granular detail control and a call to artists form and manager. The idea was to flesh out the information on the site and organize it into more relevant buckets that made it easier to digest by the user while automating as much as possible. Check out the result: swellgallery.com.